About Witches by Helena Garcia

Witches is Helena Garcia's brand of fashion accessories, handmade jewellery, gifts, curiosities and oddities. 

Helena wowed viewers all around the world with her spooky creations on The Great British Bake Off (or Great British Baking Show if you are in the USA or Canada). Her obsession with witches in popular culture and the Arts is evident in everything she creates, from sewing pins with bat heads, spiderweb embroidered cushions, belts with hand clasps to the Witch beach hat. Everything is created with a magical touch. 

Helena published her first book "Introduction to Witchery" in 2007. Her follow up book "The Wicked Baker" will be released on 3rd September 2020.  Click here to preorder.



Whether you're a curious witch, a Halloween fiend or you just want to add a creepy touch to your baking, Helena will give you all the inspiration you need. Try her mummified eclairs, some cinnamon buns that look shockingly like brains, a batch of cookie bats, or a scarily impressive haunted tree cake and before you know it, every day will seem like Halloween.

Witches is a place where you can explore and purchase some of Helena's other fabulous creations.

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